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REVIEW: Caphat

RECENTLY I was given a Caphat to test out for sun protection. Essentially the caphat is like a legionaires style hat that covers the entire neck but it doesn’t have the crown region which allows you to attach it to any hat you like, which is handy for those of us that have our favourite and/or most comfortable hats.

The other big feature of the Caphat is a piece of Velcro at the front of the flappy bits so that you can do it up at the front as well. What this does is allow the wearer to cover their complete neck and face region which means absolutely no sun can penetrate.

I took the caphat with me on a cod trip to central west NSW and anyone who has fished granite country will know what the sun can be like on a hot day. The caphat is a good option for those who don’t like to take any chances with the sun or those that hate reapplying sunscreen all day. It’s comfortable and doesn’t irritate plus can be dunked in water for a bit of cool relief from the heat.

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By Jereme Lane

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