Charter operator arrested for shark offences

Well known fishing charter operator Rob North of K & R charters in Whyalla South Australia and a second male also from Whyalla, have been arrested on alleged shark offences.

Following a 12 month investigation by PIRSA Fisheries the two men were arrested for allegedly killing great white sharks and selling the resulting teeth and jaws. The two have been bailed to appear in the Whyalla Court at a later date.

A third man has also been reported for similar offences and is expected to be summonsed to court as well.

As of 1st January 1998 great white sharks were given protected species status in South Australian waters and targeting or harming them is deemed an offence.

Due to the investigation Fisheries Officers have also seized a 10.3m fishing charter vessel, a vehicle and fishing equipment valued in excess of $120,000. Also seized were the jaws and teeth of a number of great white sharks.

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