Polar Buff

THE exceptionally chilly conditions we experienced last winter provided me with an ideal opportunity to field test another great product from Buff Australia. The new Polar Buff is designed specifically to be used in colder climates and would be ideally suited for use in many of our cold weather fisheries.

The Polar Buff is constructed from a band of Polartec Classic 100 fibre which is attached to an Original Buff. The Original Buff is a stretchy tube constructed from a unique thin microfibre material designed to be highly breathable. In the cold winter coastal conditions I was fishing in I found that the Polartec Classic 100 section worked perfectly at protecting the neck area from wind chill and the elements. I could then pull the Original Buff up over my face when required to provide additional protection from sun exposure, wind chill and wind burn. The Polar Buff really proved a godsend when boating on frosty early winter mornings or at night.

I’d imagine that if you were fishing in extremely cold conditions such as trout fishing in the Snowys, Tasmania or New Zealand, then you could actually the reverse the Polar Buff and have the Polartec Classic 100 section to protect your face from the extreme cold.

The Polar Camouflage 2/Military Buff I field tested featured a neat camouflage pattern which would fit in with many of the ideas of stealthy trout anglers trying to blend in with their surroundings. I found the Polar Buff to be extremely comfortable to wear in cold conditions. Also, you need never worry about your favourite fishing cap blowing off into the water again in strong winds. You just pull the Buff up over the back of your cap and it won’t come off in a cyclone. It’s become an essential part of my cold weather fishing kit.

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