Thursday, February 29, 2024

TESTED: Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader

LIVING on the NSW Central Coast means I’m always fishing hard fished waters.

Increasing fishing pressure means you always have to be looking for an edge to improve your results. Over the last few years I’ve changed over to using Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader for all my finesse fishing scenarios.

I couldn’t be happier with my results, particularly in the areas of luderick fishing from the rocks and SP bream fishing around moored boats and wharves in Lake Macquarie. Both of these styles of fishing require good abrasion resistance, especially off the rocks when you can hook a decent black drummer, and high knot strength when you’re red-lining the gear to stop a big bream getting back under his oyster encrusted wharf.

I’m positive Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader has improved my fishing results in clear water situations, the premium quality PVDF material has a refractive index which is similar to water, meaning it’s harder for fish to see the stuff. It also has good abrasion resistance, knot strength and is UV resistant.

Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader is available from 4lb through to 80lb. I also find the 20 metre spools ideal for carrying in my pocket when kayak fishing or down on the rocks.

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