Thursday, February 29, 2024

TESTED: Fin-Nor Offshore OFC16H casting reel

OVER the last 12 months I’ve had the opportunity to field test the Fin-Nor Offshore OFC16H overhead reel and have been really impressed with the performance of this fine piece of precision fishing tackle.

The Fin-Nor OFC16H ticks all the boxes in my criteria for what makes a great overhead high speed spinning reel. It features tough all metal construction and a powerful multi-disc drag system that has required a minimum of maintenance.

It is a fine casting reel with a centrifugal cast control system that works well, so I haven’t found the need to do aftermarket modifications such as installing magnetic cast controls. It casts well straight out of the box and surprisingly I found that I could actually remove the brake blocks once I became familiar with the casting capabilities of the reel.

Most importantly the reel is fast, a blistering 6.2:1 retrieve ratio ensures I’ve had no problems drawing strikes from plenty of tuna, kingfish and bonito while lure casting from the rocks. The large diameter narrow spool format is user-friendly and ensures it is a really fun reel to use. Anyone looking for a new overhead HSS reel should have a serious look at the Fin-Nor OFC16H – it’s become a personal favourite of mine.

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