TESTED: Saku Snoop Pop

FIELD TEST – Saku Snoop Pop

FISHING surface lures in our estuaries for whiting has been all the rage in recent times. I’ve enjoyed tremendous success recently with the Saku Snoop Pop. This 40mm long surface popper comes in a range six eye catching colours that whiting and bream go nuts over – check them out at

This lure works really well with the constant retrieves preferred by whiting specialists as well as the pause and pop routines used for bream, flathead and Australian bass. Importantly, it casts like a bullet so you can really cover water.

During a red-hot surface session on Tuggerah Lakes recently we landed around 40 bream in a couple of hours during mirror calm conditions, simply by casting around weed beds, popping the lure once then pausing. Inevitably, a bream would smash the lure sitting dead in the water within seconds. It was amazing fishing that hammered home the fact that Saku has really got its lure finishes dead right.

To achieve consistent results with estuarine surface lures requires quality hardware and the Saku chemically sharpened trebles on these lures I rate as scary sharp. The Saku Snoop Pop is a top-notch surface lure that’s ready to be fished straight from the box.


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