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Samaki Fine Split Ring Pliers

The Samaki Fine Split Ring Pliers are ideally suited for use with the majority of lures.

THE recent spate of strong winds and rough seas on the East Coast has seen me doing a lot of tackle preparation. Changing treble hooks on soft vibes that will be fished around deep water bait schools for jewfish and dusky flathead has been a priority task. This has given me the opportunity to field test these Samaki Fine Split Ring Pliers. These 150mm long pliers are constructed from a blend of surgical stainless steel and nickel that provides the ideal balance between rust resistance and strength. I found these split ring pliers to be very user friendly with an ergonomic handle design.

The Samaki Fine Split Ring Pliers are ideally suited for use with the majority of lures such as soft vibes, hard bodies and blades that I use for my local estuarine and freshwater fishing options. The smallest sized split rings on micro bream lures are probably better served by the use of a micro split-ring pincer, but these pliers are perfectly suited to working on the majority of my local go-to lures. As far as maintenance goes these pliers receive a freshwater wash down with all my gear at the end of each trip and an occasional spray around the hinge area with a lubricant such as CRC Tackle Guard.

These stylish pliers are also fitted with a line cutter and an attachment point on the handle for fitting a lanyard which is always a useful addition for kayak anglers. If you’re in the market for a really good set of fine split ring pliers I’d suggest you check these out. There’s also a medium sized 180mm model available which would be ideally suited for barra, cod or mid-range tropical/blue water lure fishing applications. 

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