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Graham”Rusty” Russell’s Eco Trailerwash is a prime example of a simple yet highly effective solution to a common problem. Boat trailers, as well as the undercarriage of 4WDs, caravans and horse floats, are notoriously difficult to clean, especially when there’s a boat on top of the trailer. Spraying with a hose often doesn’t clean all the nooks and crannies where salt and muck builds up. It also wastes a lot of water.

The patented Eco Trailer Wash is a clever system of poly tubing and nozzles, which is fitted to the trailer chassis and connected to a water supply via a standard hose fitting. The nozzles can be adjusted to spray specific areas, such as wheel hubs, brake systems and axles. Simply turn the water on and a fine mist of water is automatically sprayed around the entire trailer, thoroughly rinsing it. Importantly, the Eco Trailerwash uses up to 80 per cent less water than if using a standard hose-down system.

Russell installed a unit to a test trailer, a 7m Dunbier tandem axle model, with the result being impressive, in Fisho’s opinion. Close inspection revealed clean water being sprayed all over the wheel hubs, disc brakes and axles, as well as the frame and rollers. The spray also rinsed the hull of the boat. In less than two minutes the trailer received a thorough soaking. A standard hosing would take about five minutes, use far more water and be less effective, especially when trying to rinse and clean the rear of the wheels and brakes.

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The Aussie designed and made Eco Trailerwash system includes 25m of poly pipe plus all the required fittings, gal screws and nozzles and is suitable for trailers up to about 8m in length. It’s is designed for DIY installation, taking about an hour to fit on an average trailer. Only basic tools (a drill, Phillips head bit, pliers and Stanley knife) are required. The units will retail for about $50 and Russell is in negotiations with a number of national retail chains over distribution rights.

Interestingly, the Eco Trailerwash can be retro-fitted with a container which can be easily filled with detergent or other cleaning agents. All up, the Eco Trailerwash is an innovative, affordable, environmentally responsible and very user friendly way to ensure trailers and offroad vehicles are kept in tip-top condition. Anyone who uses one will swiftly realise its value. They’ll also wonder why the hell they didn’t think of it!

Contact Graham “Rusty” Russell at Eco Trailerwash Systems on 0408 394579 for more info and check out for video demonstrations of the system in action.



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