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IN keeping with Fishing World’s position as the market leader in print, digital, online and social media platforms, I’m pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at giving you, our loyal readers, a more convenient way to buy your tackle.

Online shopping is nothing new – most anglers have probably purchased something via the web at some stage – and nowadays there are some great Aussie tackle shops that have set up outstanding websites to make the whole online purchasing experience easy, convenient and safe.

And it’s certainly much better for us to support the Aussie tackle industry than it is to buy gear from overseas websites. To that end Fisho is today launching a new online shopping feature to our website. We’ve partnered with Lee Rayner’s popular Fishing Fever shop and will be featuring selected products each week. If you like the look of the product – at this stage they’ll mainly be lures, tools and accessories – you can quickly and easily make the purchase via Lee’s online shop and the Fishing Fever team will package it up and get it out to you pronto.

As things develop we aim to provide a much wider range of shopping options as well as exclusive deals, bonuses and freebies. Rest assured that we’ll only deal with reputable Australian retailers who stock only the highest quality products. All the usual warranties and returns will apply with your purchases. In order to be completely upfront and above board, it’s important you know that Fisho has negotiated with our retail partner a small commission for each sale made via our website.

Keeping the boss happy by making a bit of extra dosh is well and good but the main aim of this venture is to allow you to use our online resources to easily and quickly purchase products of interest. For example, we might test a hot new lure. If you like the look of it, click a button and it’s yours. How cool is that?

Check out our inaugural “Online Product of the Week” and stay tuned as we develop this next exciting phase in Fisho’s long and always interesting life!

Online Product of the Week

Williamson Speed Pro

Many fishos, us included, probably aren’t all that familiar with the Williamson Speed Pro. As the name suggests, this baitfish profile diver has been designed for use when targeting pelagic gamefish on the troll. As a tackle shop owner and host of a top-rating TV show, Lee Rayner knows his stuff when it comes to tackle. So when he told us about the Speed Pros we thought they’d be ideal to feature as our inaugural “Online Product of the Week”.

Lee uses the Speed Pros “with great success” for tuna, wahoo and mackerel. They’d also be more than suitable for kingfish, dollies and any other predatory pelagics.

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Ideal for tuna, mackerel, wahoo and most other pelagic predators, the Williamson Speed Pro is an effective yet affordable bluewater minnow that’s well worth checking out.

One of the key points of difference between this lure and other bluewater minnows is the “Self-Tune” free-moving line tie design on the lure’s bib. This is self centering and automatically aligns the lure’s natural swimming action when trolled at speed. Like most bluewater models, this lure is designed to troll optimally at between six and 10 knots (thus allowing you to use it in conjunction with skirts and/or bibless minnows). But if you need to up the revs, the guys at Williamson say the Speed Pro will hang in at up to 15 knots. This means this lure is ideal for sending out the back while you’re cruising between spots or heading back in. After all, it’s always good to have a lure in the water, right?

inline_462_ 2 1-1_8B7CBC00-5E5B-11E4-8A85020EADF8280D.jpg

The Williamson Speed Pro “self tunes” when trolled, meaning it maximises its action while in the water.

The lure is built tough with heavy-duty oval split rings and VMC perma steel treble hooks. You can easily swap the trebles for singles if needed. The Williamson Speed Pro is available in 130mm, 160mm and 180mm sizes and a wide variety of popular colours. Depth capabilities range from 3.5 to 6m.

Apart from all the above features, probably the thing that’s going to appeal to you most about this particular lure is the price. Compared to many similar models and brands, it’s pretty bloody good … Check out the deals HERE!

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