TASTE TEST: Brass beer

A COLD beer after a long day on the water always seems to go down a treat.

Brass Belgian Pilsner is a new imported boutique beer that comes in unique PET bottles. Fully recyclable, these 330ml bottles have been treated with a “barrier” coating to preserve flavour.

Much lighter than standard glass bottles, the Brass plastic bottles obviously don’t pose the same breakage risks, which makes them a good choice on boats. The beer itself tastes pretty good – I haven’t found many beers that don’t taste good! – and is certainly a much richer drink than a standard lager.

Brass Pilsner is brewed in Limberg, Belgium, and retails for $49.95 for a case. Interestingly, a case of Brass beer weighs about eight kilos compared to 14 kilos for the glass-bottled alternative. I guess this means you’ll be able to carry twice as much …

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