TESTED: Stanley Vacuum Flask

MY old man had one of these old-school steel thermos flasks. We used it on family picnics, holidays and fishing trips. That old flask always produced nice hot water so mum could have a cup of tea on the beach or wherever we were.

This was back when I was a kid in the 1970s. Dad’s still got the flask and it still works just as well as it ever did, albeit it being slightly battered …

This 2014 version I’ve been using recently looks and works exactly the same as the old model from my childhood. Much of this is to do with the simple yet flawless design. The flask works via a vacuum system invented by William Stanley in 1913. Air is removed from a space between the inside and outside walls of the flask. This vacuum reduces the conductive path between the inner and outer walls, meaning that the hot or cold liquid inside stays hot or cold for much longer. Simple but effective.

Stanley claims liquids can be keep hot or cold for up to 24 hours in the one-litre bottle as tested. Results are maximised if you preheat or cool the flask before filling.

Aside from having fantastic thermal efficiency, the other great thing about Stanley flasks is they are almost indestructible, making them ideal for use in boats or when camping. They don’t rust and they don’t contain the nasty chemicals found in some plastic water bottles. The bottles are leak proof and feature a neat lid which doubles as an insulated cup.

While you can buy cheaper flasks, I doubt too many of those would last as long – or work as well – as these beauties from Stanley. Well worth the investment, in my view.

For info on stockists in your area, call Stanley on (03) 87874200.

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