Make fishing your religion!

FISHO has noticed an online campaign urging anglers to nominate fishing as their “religion” in tonight’s national Census.

We think this is a great idea – it makes far more sense to say you’re an anglng devotee than to claim that you are a Jedi Knight, for example. Jedis are pretty cool – but you can’t catch dinner with a light sabre, can you?

Compared to most organised religions, fishing has a lot of benefits. For example, fishing has never caused any wars, it doesn’t discriminate and there’s no guilt factor associated with it.  Another big plus for fishing is that as far as we can tell not one so-called “religious and/or moral leader” – and that includes luminaries such as the Ayatollah Khomeini, the Borgias of Rome, Fred Nile, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Cardinal George Pell and any of those polygamous Mormons who keep getting arrested in the US – have ever associated themselves in any way with angling.

Think about the benefits of listing fishing as your religion when you are filling out the Census form tomorrow night. If enough of us angling devotees publicly detail our beliefs, fishing will be recognised as an official religion. How cool would that be? If that happens, we will need to appoint a High Priest of Fishing to lead us forward in a campaign to enlighten the whole of humanity to the joy and wonder of fishing.

Any ideas on who our inaugural spiritual leader could be? We welcome your suggestions!

What's your reaction?

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