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Lively Lures on the surface

AL DOLAN, the man behind the iconicLively Lures brand, has released a range of surface lures coveringblue water, estuary and freshwater scenarios. Al kindly sent us a fewsamples to test and review. We haven’t had a chance to swim themyet but thought it would be worthwhile to give you a sneak peak.

There are four lures in two styles to look up. First up, fishos keenon chasing kings, tuna and trevally will be interested in the SurfaceSkipper 120 and 160. These tail weighted pencil popper style luresare designed to mimic a fleeing baitfish (crank this style of lure inat speed and you’ll be amazed at how similar it is to a gar, sauryor flying fish skipping over the surface). Good paint jobs, toughplastic construction and quality rings and trebles should enable youto stay connected to XOS class fish; you could retro-fit the lureswith single hooks if required.

The second series is what Al calls the“Bloopit” range. These are cup-faced poppers, one a 6cm version(suitable for barra, queenies, jacks and such like) and the other areally interesting 3cm model featuring a single rear treble. Namedthe Baby Bloopit, this nifty little lure really looks the goods forbream and bass. I’m really looking forward to throwing this aroundsome snags up the Shoalhaven this summer when the cicadas arehumming!

Lively Lures are unique in that theyare only available direct from Al’s factory at Caloundra inQueensland – you can’t buy them in tackle shops. Check out therange online via You can also makephone orders at (07) 54918009 or fax your requests in to (07)54917998.

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