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DVD REVIEW: Adventure Bound – Series 4, Episodes 7-12

Adventure Bound – Series 4, Episodes 7-12 RRP: $32.99

ANDREW Clark and Neil Tedesco are two well-known Melbourne-based anglers who’ve made a name for themselves by filming and producing a TV show called Adventure Bound, which screens on Channel 31.

I’d heard good things on the grapevine about Adventure Bound and was somewhat peeved that I couldn’t access this particular community television channel so I could watch it. I caught up the Andrew (who writes for Fisho on a semi-regular basis) and Neil at the recent Melbourne International Boat Show, where they kindly gave me a DVD to review. I chose this particular DVD because it features footage of Neil catching big kings in my home waters of Jervis Bay. They’re pretty good kings, too. I recognised the location they were fishing almost immediately …

Adventure Bound is appealing on a number of levels. One is that it doesn’t feature the hyper presentation and forced humour of many modern fishing DVDs and TV shows. Another plus, in my view, is that it’s not overly commercial – the boys are obviously sponsored (by Daiwa and Evinrude, amongst others) but they don’t resort to the suck-arse product plugging and brand endorsement tactics that some other fishing DVD presenters employ.

Adventure Bound is budget TV but the boys do a fair job considering their limited resources. Sound and vision quality are good (the heavy metal sound track is a ripper!) but the use of camera boats and so forth would probably give the show a bit more flair. And some of the episodes go on a bit too long. That said, the quality of the fish caught is excellent. And both Neil and Andrew are obviously vastly experienced and innovative anglers with lots of tips and knowledge to share. Apart from the big JB kings, there’s some quality silver trevally caught in Victoria’s Waratah Bay, some massive Melbourne black bream and some horse barras in the NT. The cooking segments by chef Shane Hannett are also interesting – I’ve used a couple of Shane’s recipes myself in recent weeks.

All in all, Adventure Bound is good stuff. I really enjoyed watching Series 4, episodes 7-12. In fact, I’ve watched it a couple of times. Looks like I have a bit of catching up to do with series, 1, 2 and 3!

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