TESTED: Maglite rechargeable torch

MAGLITE torches are well known and highly regarded as being seriously powerful and tough. Compared to a standard torch, Maglites aren’t cheap but then no precision instrument is. The fact is you certainly get what you pay for with these high-end American flashlights.

While there are a range of Maglites available, in both LED and incandescent, ranging from compact torches for consumer use right through to serious heavy-duty models near half a metre long, the defining characteristics of durable alloy construction, fine tolerances and superior performance help set these products apart from the pack.

One of the newer entrants to the Maglite line up is the ML125, a rechargeable LED flashlight that measures about 30cm long and weighs just over 500 grams. The ML125 takes three standard “C” alkaline batteries but comes with a recharge kit comprising of a 6.0V 2.5Ah NiMH battery and recharge cradle. If you’ve got access to 240v power, then you’ve got light. This has obvious benefits to travellers, especially in remote areas, who mightn’t be close to shops but who have a generator on hand.

After the initial 24-hour recharge process has been carried out, the battery should power up in about two hours. A full charge should see around eight hours of use at full power or an amazing 30 hours at low power). The torch can be customised to perform various functions, including a power save mode and various strobing set-ups (including SOS). The beam, which Fisho can report is super bright (186 lumens with the NiMH battery, 193 Lumens with the alkaline batteries), can be adjusted from wide to spotlight. The beam alignment can be further adjusted to create a highly focused spot capable of reaching up to 273m. Re-alignment may also need to be adjusted if you subject the torch to rough use.

The fact this torch can be recharged has appeal – after all, carrying spare batteries is always a chore and sometimes there just aren’t any battery shops around. But you need to maintain the battery in order to keep it at key operational efficiency. That means draining and recharging it regularly. If you don’t follow the maintenance schedule, the battery will “deep discharge” and become inoperative. Anyone who uses and recharges the torch on a regular basis will have no problems.

Thus we’d recommend this torch to serious anglers and travellers who would use it on a daily or weekly basis. If you don’t fit this category, just get the standard battery only model (the Maglite 3-Cell D looks the goods with 131 Lumens and an amazing 364m beam length). Like all Maglites, the ML125 is rain proof and shock proof.

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