Anglers RISE for fishing film festival

LAST night, Sydney’s anglers were treated to the once-yearly opportunity to see fishing films on the big screen – as Nick Reygaert’s RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival came to town.

Now in its 7th year, the Sydney screening took place at Paddington’s historic Chauvel theatre where the event drew its biggest ever crowd for the city.

Fisho attended the Sydney show where the night saw five fly fishing films screened – the majority in shortened form – shot in some of the most impressive and diverse locations from around the world.

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The first movie shown was American production, Sipping Dry which was shot on the picturesque Missouri River near Craig, Montana. The beautifully shot film makes an impressive attempt to capture the true essence of dry fly fishing, at a location considered by many fly fishers to provide the best dry fly conditions anywhere in the world.

The second movie of the night, The Arctic, is another impressive film out of the US. This feature film from Beattie Outdoor Productions was shot in remote North America and inspired by a short story about fly fishing for big Arctic char by legendary fly fishing writer John Gierach, who features and narrates in the film. Shot by Craig Blackie and RA Beattie, The Arctic is one very impressive fly fishing film.

Anyone who’s attended a RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival will be familiar with the dramatic “road movie” style of films such as the Trout Bum Diaries. A trailer for the makers’ latest effort, Geofish, A Mayan Prophecy, screened last night and typically received a great reaction from the audience – this humorous jungle blazing adventure movie looks to be a very entertaining film!

Aptly, two of event organiser Nick Reygaert’s movies, Hatch and Predator, were the main features of the night. Predator This production evokes the cycle of life that plays out in the marine world’s pointy end – where sharks eat sharks and some of the biggest predators in river and estuary systems are targeted by fly fishers chasing the ultimate challenge.

Shot in diverse angling locations, including Japan, and several regions of northern Australia, Predator features impressive footage of gill flaring barramundi – in amazing 240 frames per second slow motion – as well as metre long taimen, popper destroying queenfish and line shredding Abrolhos Island Samson fish. As Reygaert told the audience last night, Predator is currently incomplete. He plans to finish off the film after gauging audience reaction and feedback from screenings. Judging by the amazing footage that screened last night, Predator should be one hell of a fly fishing film after this talented film maker adds the finishing touches. Inspiring stuff!

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Hatch, Reygaert’s RISE feature from 2011, rounded out an excellent night of fishing viewing. In its entirety Hatch is an impressive example of docu-fishing film making at its very best. Check out Fisho’s review of the DVD version HERE.

All in all the RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival proved another highlight of the year and just how far fishing films have come in recent times. Fisho can’t wait to see what’s on offer in 2013!

The RISE festival is still on its way around the country – don’t miss out – jump on the Gin-Clear website for dates and venues.

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