DVD Review: Geofish Mexico – Volume 1

AFTER seeing the teaser to Geofish Mexico: Volume 1 at last year’s RISE festival I’d highly anticipated checking out the full length feature. The finished result didn’t disappoint!

Geofish Mexico: Volume 1 is a fast paced movie produced by Motiv Fishing – a group of young US-based fly fishing fanatics and film makers. Their latest effort documents the trials and tribulations of undertaking an 8000 mile sportfishing adventure into the wilds of Mexico and beyond. While around the first third of the movie doesn’t actually feature any fishing it’s hardly noticeable as you quickly find yourself engrossed in the group’s efforts to turn a clapped out truck into a reliable vegetable oil burning transport vehicle. The related scenes are highly entertaining as the four “fish bums” do the utmost to live out their Mexican fishing dream – albeit on a tight budget.

This frantic movie then goes up a gear as the truck hits the road for Mexico and the adventure begins in earnest. Over the border things start to unravel due to truck breakdowns, brushes with the law, gear theft, and the difficulties of overcoming the language barrier. But where there’s a will there’s a way and these four hombres are prepared to do whatever it takes. Ultimately they succeed as they get to experience some of the best fly fishing of their lives.

The segment featuring a crazed marlin pack smashing sardines (and saltwater flies!) off the Baja coast is mind blowing and sure to have any sport fisher excited. Those into sight fishing will appreciate the footage of sight fishing for big snook in clear shallow water deep in mangrove territory – the similarities to barra flats fishing in northern Australia are hard to miss. A segment too on fishing a remote Mexican lake known for its giant largemouth bass and neighbouring drug cartels is another high point of this movie. Stumbling upon a marijuana plantation and hearing gunshots ain’t your average day out on a bass lake!

Geofish Mexico: Volume 1 runs for an hour and forty two minutes and is quite a ride. After watching it once I was keen to do it all over again. I can’t wait for part two. Highly recommended. Rating – Four and a half bent fly rods.

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