Fisho Q&A with Aussie music duo

BUSBY Marou is an up and coming Australian music duo from Queensland, featuring members Tom Busby and Jeremy Marou.

After launching their debut self-titled album two years ago to wide acclaim, the pair are set to release their follow-up, Farewell Fitzroy, this Friday October 4.

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Described by Warner Music as12 tracks of folk-pop and country-tinged song craft, distinctly Australian storytelling” Farewell Fitzroy features a track co-written by Aussie music legend Don Walker (Cold Chisel, Tex, Don & Charlie), and was recorded in the US with producer/engineer Brad Jones (Missy Higgins, Josh Rouse, Justin Townes Earle) and is set to see the talented duo reach a wider audience.


Jeremy and Tom of Busby Marou also happen to be pretty keen anglers and recently enjoyed some hot fishing at Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria.     

Jeremy Marou recently took time out for a Q&A session with Fisho:

FW: How would you describe your style of music?
JM: It’s not easy to pin point our style, you could name a few genres such as country, folk, rock, but I best describe it as folk inspired rock. I’m a country guitarist so there will alway be a slight country flavour.

FW: How did yourself and Tom first get around to playing music together?
JM: We are both Rockhampton boys and were mutual friends through friends. I used to play in a cover band and Tom would play his original songs in between our sets. Long story short its those songs Tom would play between sets we play together as a duo today.

FW: Musical influences?
JM: My musical influence is old school country – Charlie pride, Buck Owens, nowadays its more Keith Urban, Zac Brown, and John Mayer. Love anything with catchy melody and good guitar playing.

FW: How would you describe the Aussie music scene these days ie is there still such a thing as a pub music scene in this country or have festivals largely taken over?
JM: The music scene in Australia is most defiantly thriving. There will always be a quality cover band at your local pub playing the old favourites, but it’s the original music filtering through even from regional places (such as Rockhampton) that make the Aussie music scene so good.


FW: Aussie music legend Don Walker co-wrote a song with Tom for your new album. How did that come about?
Tom and I have been big Don Walker fans forever. When the opportunity arose through friends within the music industry we were both rapt! He is a true poet and has a way with words. Also helps that he has written so many hits and knows what people want to hear.

FW: You must be pretty excited about releasing your new album. How has the recording process been?
JM: Yes, we have played the old album for a good couple of years now, we are sick of the old songs. Looking forward to touring some new songs. We recorded the album in Nashville, the music capital of the world. The process was different but fun. We learnt so much. They love their catfish in Nashville, the pubs have boiled catfish parties. I didn’t try any but just the sound of boiled catfish makes me sick. I guess that’s what happens to people when there is a lack of reef. They go crazy.

FW: Do you have a favourite fishing related song?
Not particularly a fishing song … I did have an old ’60s rock album in the boat but there was a track on it that sounded like the soundtrack from Jaws, skipped that song.

FW: Any chance you will write one?
JM: I’ve recently converted Tom into fishing, so it’s just a matter of time before we have a fishing track.

FW: When did you first get into fishing?
JM: I’m a Torres Strait islander, so my dad would take me and brothers fishing from as young as I remember. My school principal was a keen fisherman as well, so all through my high school years I’d make use of his boat and hit the reef.

FW: What’s your favourite type of fishing, favourite fish?
JM: Favourite fish to eat would be a nice bluey, the flesh is so white and fluffy. Hard to go past a red emperor or nannygai. Favourite fish to catch would be Spanish mackerel, or big jew. Something to get the heart pumping.

FW: Do you ever get a chance to fish when you’re touring/recording?
JM: Good thing about touring Australia is there is water everywhere, and we have a quality coastline. More recently I’ve been taking my travel flicking rods and packing caster overhand. Perfect for flicking lures or soft plastics anywhere there is water.


Tom and Jeremy wetting a line on the banks of the Brisbane River.

FW: You recently visited Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria and caught a bunch of fish. What were the highlights? Were you doing a show there?
JM: We had a few days off and Tom, our manager Josh and myself have talked about fishing Groote for a longtime so we seized the moment. Groote Eylandt is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited, best describe it as the Kimberley meets the Great Barrier. What amazed me most about the fishing was the range of fish all in the one area. In one spot we caught – mackerel, tuna, jew, trout, cobia, queen, nannygai and snapper. Incredible! I think it’s safe to say there wouldn’t be too many other places in the world you can catch that range in one morning.

FW: Favourite fishing destination?
JM: Little place called Stange Bay. It’s on the coastline in between Mackay and Rockhampton. It has a big inlet called “Thirsty Sound”. The fishing is great and the crabbing is better, but the best part about is the little plum tree pub and friendly locals.

FW: Most memorable catch?
JM: The first time I caught a big squid. The excitement got me and I totally forgot about the black ink! All over my face, I spewed. I’ve since sold the boat I caught it in, with the black ink stains on it.

FW: Any more funny fishing stories?
JM: Every fishing trip is a funny story. My brother and his mate Tony get sea sick really bad. The more they spew the harder I laugh. Despite their sea sickness they always put their hand up for the next trip. I love it.

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