St George Sportfishing Club reaches milestone

SYDNEY’S St George Sportfishing Club recently celebrated a milestone with the release of the club’s 500th newsletter this month.

The club based in Sydney’s south has a long and proud history, being the oldest ANSA Club in NSW, founded in 1968.  

In sharing some of the club newsletter’s history, current editor Bill Harvey told Fisho the publication has been in continuous “production” since the first one in November 1968.

“There have been some years where the editor was not too sure whether there should be a January issue or start the year with February, hence a mix of 11 per year and an occasional 12. Seems some editors were carried away and needed a January issue to cover all the stories, fishing trips and captures,” Harvey said.

“Up to 2007 all newsletters were posted to every member. Since that time the costs of printing and postage have risen and email has taken over. Email has allowed the inclusion of photos and attachments like (DPI Fisheries) publications and the like.”

“The editors have ranged from rock-hoppers, like Bob Dunn, Ron Calcutt [Fishing World founding editor], Ross Dickinson, Ron Finney, Les Waldock and our latter-day Phil Turner. Other editors started out trolling blue water, others with lures for trout and bass, and some with the fly. These men (with the exception of Phil Turner) succumbed to boats eventually. Rock fishing however in the early days was economical and accessible and did produce results.”

The St George Sportfishing Club is an ANSA club and all members are ANSA members. Club member’s ages range from 99 (Hartley Giller) years to just three months (Charlotte Lattin!).

“The position of the newsletter writer/editor is probably the most demanding of all clubs jobs – those of the president, secretary and treasurer are all a breeze! Unfortunately some of our editors are no longer with us and tribute is again paid here for their input and dedication to the Club,” Harvey concluded.

Download the 500th SGSC newsletter HERE.

Club website at:

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