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Worksharp Guided Field Sharpener review


A GOOD knife sharpener is just as important as a good knife. There’s no point (pun intended) owning a knife if it’s not maintained and kept sharp. A blunt knife is dangerous and useless for filleting or other work.

There are plenty of knife sharpeners on the market, some good, some not so good. More importantly is understanding how to use one.
The Workshop Guided Field Sharpener is a small portable device which easily fits in your tackle bag or box and offers a number of features in its small package.
The clever feature with the Guided Field Sharpener is the 5 stage process. This sharpener features two diamond plates, one 220 grit, the other 600 grit. It also features two ceramic rods for fine grit fish hook or fine grit serration sharpening. And finally a leather strop, a micro-abrasive to finish your blades. The entire process will sharpen your knives or hooks in a few easy steps. 
There are also 20 degree honing guides for getting that knife angle just right for the perfect finish.
The Guided Field Sharpener features a lanyard and fits easily inside a tackle box or glove box. So now there’s no excuse for blunt knives or hooks!
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