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Stacer unveils its 2018 range of fishing and family-friendly alloy boats.

STACER has unveiled its 2018 line-up of alloy fishing boats with a brand new hull design, new models and a long list of changes to the company’s range…as detailed by Dominic Smith in the video above.
The new Revolution Hull is the latest addition to the company’s range, which Stacer says is an evolution of the well-known Barra and Assault Pro hulls. The Revolution Hull features a concave bottom design, EVO advance pressing and a raised chine. This equals a smoother ride with improved stability under way and at rest. It is available across the company’s new line-up including the Seamaster, Crossfire, Wildrider and Assault Pro. 
The Queensland-base tinny manufacturer has also simplified models across its line up to minimise confusion for customers and make choosing a tinny easier than ever. The new Crossfire is a combination of the previous model Nomad and Crossfire; the Sea Way and Bay Master becomes the Sea Master; while the Nomad ranger and Sea Ranger become the Sea Ranger.
It’s a smart move from Stacer, bring the best features across from each model and making them more appealing to a larger cross section of boaters.
Other changes to 2018’s line-up include smooth side sheets, fully welded side decks, and basic flotation across the full range. Stacer has also increased the bottom and side sheet thickness. Most models now feature a minimum 3mm side sheets, while bottom sheets have a minimum of 3mm with most using 4 mm. The increased thickness increase strength and the added weight helps create a better riding boat.
2018’s line-up
Available in 349, 369 and 389, the Territory would make a great first boat or car topper.

Starting with the Territory, Stacer is selling three sizes of this simple open tinny in 2018. Available in 349, 369 and 389, the Territory would make a great first boat or car topper. The Territory is now 160 mm deeper and up to 90mm wider with a deeper V for added performance.

For those more serious about their fishing, Stacer’s Assault Pro Tournament has been a popular choice and this year features new sizes and features. The new sizes include a 469, 509 and 529. These have the new Revolution hull and also include features such as an extended casting platform, 4 mm bottoms, 3 mm sides, thruster brackets standard, lockable hatches, rear casting seat layout and more. 
New options on the Assault Pro Tournament include twin consoles and various rod locker options, including an 8ft locker perfect for fitting longer swimbait rods. There’s also a 80 L live well in the front for those wishing to fish tournaments. 
This latest generation of the Assault Pro give Aussie tournamant fishos are great alternative to the US imports with plenty of innovative features, clever use of space, a great ride and impressive performance. 
New sizes in the Crossfire include a 469, 499, 519, 539 and 589.

Another model in the line-up is the latest Crossfire. As mentioned above, the new Crossfire brings in features from the old Nomad range. This combination makes for a very versatile fishing and family boat. Stacer has a fishing and “crossover” version available for the family fisho. 

New sizes include a 469, 499, 519, 539 and 589. Also featuring the Revolution hull, standard features include a larger some sheet, alloy live well with glass, fully welded side decks, scupper drainage, sea tread on transom and plenty of underfloor storage.
Fishing World had the opportunity to drive and check out the crossfire during the media day and wasn’t disappointed. The spacious decks, available space and smooth ride (in challenging conditions) would suit most estuary family fishos. 
Available options include drum winches, redesigned transom door, raised casting platform (on fishing version), room for 100 L cooler, lockable rod locker, extra large transom and a ski pole/cutting board combo.
The Sea Master is another great addition to the range, which as mentioned above, replaces the Sea Way and Bay Master. 
The Sea Master includes many of the same features as the other boats in the range in a versatile fishing package. These are the great value general purpose fishing rigs with loads of space storage and a comfortable ride.
Plate range
Stacer also unveiled its range of Sea Ranger boats at this year’s media day. 
The Sea Ranger is available as a side console in 499, 529 and 559 and centre console as 499, 529, 559, 659 and 709. 
These spacious specialist fishing boats feature Stacer’s EVO Advanced Hull and fully welded side decks and gunwales. The smaller models have 4mm while the larger models feature 5mm bottoms and 4 mm sides. 
There’s a self draining floor, space for a 100 litre cooler, kill tank, live well and loads of storage. 
Another newcomer in the plate range is the Ocean Ranger Centre Cab line up. Building on the success of Stacer’s Ocean Ranger cabin boats, the centre cab version is well suited to offshore sport fishos. The range is available in five models; 589, 609, 659, 709 and 759. 
With 360 degree fishability and featuring a bunch of fishing friendly features, the Ocean Ranger is well worth checking out.
Another newcomer in the plate range is the Ocean Ranger Centre Cab line up.

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