Political parties respond to Sydney Marine Park proposal


FISHING World asked four key political parties a series of identical questions in response to the proposed Sydney Marine Park.

The Coalition, Labor, Shooters & Fishers, and the Greens responded to the following questions:

  1. What is your party’s position on the Sydney Marine Park?
  2. Do you base the above decisions on science?
  3. Did your party meet with any state rec fishing representatives before establishing your marine park policy?
  4. Are you surprised by the groundswell of opposition from the state’s fishers toward the Coalition’s plan?
  5. Are you willing to meet with concerned fishers and discuss options around angler access?
  6. Do you believe the Sydney Marine Park could turn into a major issue for your party heading into 2019’s election? 

While there are no surprises from the Greens and Shooters & Fishers, its fair to say the Coalition and Labor are taking this matter seriously, especially with a looming state election and a full scale backlash from Sydney-based fishos.

Interestingly, the NSW Minister from Primary Industries, Niall Blair, hints at a reduction in closures, while Labor’s carefully worded response falls short of its previous calls for widespread sanctuary zones.

Please click the links below for the responses from the various parties:

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (Spokesman Robert Borsak)

Liberal National Party (NSW Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair) 

Labor Party (Shadow Spokesperson for the Environment Penny Sharpe)

Greens Party (NSW spokesperson for Marine Environments Justin Field) 

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