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ONE notable tackle development in recent years is the move towards portable or travel friendly fishing tackle. Most major manufacturers now sell a travel rod which, depending on the application, is usually a multi-piece rod in a two, three, four and sometimes five piece configuration.

This is great news for the growing number of travelling fishos taking advantage of record low airfares and the long list of dream fishing destinations out there.

However, most travel rods, despite being multi-piece, are still too long to slip inside a conventional suitcase or large duffel bag. Sure, you can carry a shortened version of the traditional PVC rod tube, but in my experience, short round rod tubes are very easily lost in transit. I won’t make that mistake again after losing a metre-long tube in Hawaii a few years back. Airport staff simply shrugged their shoulders and said, “Must have rolled off the baggage carousel, … fill out this form and we’ll call you”. Ouch!

I now ensure my rods are packed nicely inside my bag. Probably the best all-round specialist fishing travel bag is the Trailhead Rolling Rod/Gear bag from US company Fishpond. Made from top quality material, the Trailhead measures abut 85cm in length.

Specialising in fly-fishing equipment, Fishpond designed this bag to carry four-piece 9-foot fly rods inside their individual tubes (depending on the length and width of the tube). Most multi-piece spin and baitcast rods would also fit inside. Best of all, Fishpond has created a separate secure and tough compartment for these rods at the bag’s base. That means your clothes, reels and terminal tackle can be stored separately in the bag’s main compartment, which also features a few slim zip up compartments inside and out for those extra bits and pieces.

inline_3_ Rolling Rod-Gear Bag 550.jpg
Carrying the bag around is simple thanks to a set of heavy duty wheels, which I believe are essential for porting heavy loads of gear through airports and fishing lodges.

Fishpond makes a few different models, however, what sets this apart from the others is the overall lightness of the bag. The company achieved this by sacrificing a bulky pull-out handle and simplifying the whole bag removing any unnecessary weighty components. What’s left is a lightweight, reliable bag to carry everything to your next fishing destination.

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