Tested: Kase Grasper Lip Gripper

LIP grips are a very useful fishing tool – there’s always one within arm’s reach onboard my boat. Handling toothy fish becomes a whole lot easier once you have something to grip the fish’s mouth firmly while you safely remove the hooks. They’re also much easier on the fish if you intend to catch & release.

There are literally dozens of different varieties of lip grippers on the market at all price points. The Kase Grasper Lip Gripper from SRG Tackle stands out with its unique shape, colours and aluminium construction. Best of all these are affordable with a price of just $69.95.

These boomerang shaped lip grippers feature an easy to use trigger for opening and closing and a tough pair of jaws for holding the fish’s mouth firmly. They’re also long enough to keep your hands clear of any large trebles. The sturdy alumium construction means the lip grippers have an impressive lifting capacity of 40kg.

The overall weight is just 190 grams, meaning they’re also ideal for fishos on foot who don’t want to carry around heavy tools. A bonus feature of the aluminium construction is its resistance to corrosion. Some of the cheaper lip grippers have a tendency to rust in the moving parts.

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