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REVIEW: Giesser filleting knives

LOOKING after your catch and ensuring a fresh tasty meal involves a few steps. First, it’s important to dispatch the fish promptly and effectively. Bleeding your catch and placing on ice is a good way of keeping it in good shape. But what about cleaning your fish? Too many people I know spend big dollars on boats, fishing tackle, ice boxes, etc, but don’t pay much attention to their knives and filleting skills.

Fish are a valuable resource and I don’t like wasting them. Effective filleting comes with time and practice, but quality knives can be purchased and are a great investment.

I’ve recently been using two knives from Giesser, an established German brand that’s been around since 1776. Looking at the company’s website and extensive list of knives, it’s pretty obvious they know how to craft a quality product! Everything from chef knives, kitchen knives, butchering, hunting and fishing knives are available. The knives are also a favourite amongst commercial meat processors; a good indication of their durability and quality.

Each knife is built from quality chrome molybdenum steel with a Rockwell hardness rating of 56HRC. A high-tech vacuum tempering process means it’s durable and holds an edge. A knife that sharpens easily and stays sharp is essential for regular use.

The two models I’ve been using are the small 6 inch (Product ID: 12323 15) and the larger 8¼ inch knife (Product ID: 12227 21). The smaller knife also features a handy scaler on the back.

Each knife features a flexible blade for ease of filleting and skinning. Best of all, they’re razor sharp straight from the box. I’ve never used such a sharp knife without spending considerable time on the sharpening stone. Be very careful of your fingers!

news-review-giesser-filleting-knivesAfter a couple of months use, the blades have kept their edge and quickly sharpen with the help of a sharpening steel.

Another important point worth mentioning is the grippy handle. The orange coloured handle is soft and textured and feels safe even when your hands are covered in fish slime. The knives are also certified with the world’s leading hygiene standards.

With a retail price starting around $60, the Geisser knives are definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for a quality fillet knife.

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