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Evinrude G2 150hp & 60hp H.O E-TECs launched in Australia

EVINRUDE Australia officially launched its 150hp G2 and 60hp H.O (G1) E-TECs to the local market in a dealer and media event last week.

The latest products from Evinrude were originally unveiled last year in the US and have since gained traction as star performers in the company’s line-up of direct injection two-stroke technology.

The 150hp G2 E-TEC is a brand new platform of engine, a 2.7L V6 with a host of market leading features. The 150 class includes a 150, 150 H.O, 175 & 200hp. The standout feature of the 150 is the awesome torque and fuel efficiency. On the water they really stand out as powerful engines! The hole shot and mid-range power is impressive to say the least. Evinrude hopes to entice anyone seeking optimum performance in this outboard class, while saving a substantial amount on fuel.

Performance and fuel aren’t the only features. Other key additions to the new 150 G2 include Digital Power Steering (built-in), electronic shift & throttle and simple rigging. The new 150 also features a larger in-built oil tank. This also increases the engine’s weight slightly over previous models, although oil should be kept on board the boat regardless, so the additional weight isn’t really an issue.


Another handy feature is i-Trim. This built-in feature automatically handles the trim leaving the boater to concentrate on driving. It’s an interesting feature and a little hard to get used to at first. I tested the 150 with sudden hole shot accelerations and tight turns and found the i-Trim performed effortlessly each time. I’d imagine only the finest speed adjustments would need to be done manually, which of course is an option if you prefer to trim the engine yourself.

Evinrude Australia, who together with Quintrex, Stacer, Savage and Yellowfin, offers a range of BMT (Boat, Motor, Trailer) turn-key packages, and see the ease of i-Trim as another important step towards simple, user friendly boating.

Evinrude Australia also last week launched its 60hp H.O E-TEC engine. The 60, while still in the G1 range, takes its technology from the 75/90hp platform and offers a zippy little engine for smaller boats. Small, yet heavy boats with 60hp maximum horsepower rating would really benefit from this engine. The Quintrex 470 Stealth Hornet was available for testing at the launch and proved a powerful and nimble package with 60 H.O attached.

The 60hp H.O is an Inline 3 cylinder engine with two shaft length configurations available. Priced somewhere between the 60 and 75hp, it’s sure to be a popular model in the range.

During the launch, Evinrude showed a series of testimonial videos featuring every day users from rec fisho to commercial crabbers who really punish their equipment. It’s a clever and convincing way of addressing past concerns around reliability and showing these new engines have been thoroughly tested under all conditions.

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