Tested: The Original Canopy Chair

WHILE sitting around fishing from a chair isn’t my preferred style, a quality folding chair is an essential camp item. After a day on the water, I really appreciate a comfortable chair back at camp. I also appreciate a good quality one. Having a lesser quality chair fail halfway through a fishing trip isn’t fun.

The Original Canopy Chair is a uniquely designed “take anywhere” chair with a difference – it features a canopy! At first glance a chair with a canopy may seem like a gimmick, but after using the Canopy Chair a few times, I’ve found it’s a useful addition to this good quality chair. During the day the canopy keeps the sun away, and at night during the cooler months, it keeps away the condensation. The canopy also folds away if you prefer some sun.

There are two drink holders built in the arm rests – one for your beer – and the other for your next beer. The canopy itself features a couple of pockets for storing things like insect repellent, etc.

Once you’re finished with the Canopy Chair, it folds up and the canopy wraps around itself, so there’s no bag to misplace at your camp site. There’s also a useful strap for carrying on your back, leaving your hands free. The Original Canopy Chair is available in various colours and different styles.

RRP is only $59, making this chair great value.

inline_532_ chair_E557D030-2728-11E4-908502827A01F36C.jpg

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