Reviewed: Tonic Neon polarised sunglasses

TONIC Neon sunglasses play a more important role in fishing than simply protecting your eyes. I enjoy sight fishing and a good pair of quality sunnies is essential for spotting fish and observing subtle signs of fish behaviour.

All fishing styles are covered with the large range of specialist fishing sunglasses on the market these days.

I was looking for a lightly tinted lens for fishing low light fishing. Early mornings, late afternoons and rainy days provide some great fishing, but are often too dull to wear standard lenses. There are lighter yellow and rose coloured sunglasses, and while they work well in low light, they aren’t very versatile.

The Tonic Neons on the other hand are a great compromise, allowing me to wear them in low light and leave them on when the sun comes up or the cloud burns away.

I’ve also found the Neons perfect for freshwater fishing for bass and trout. This type of fishing often means fishing or casting into shadows. The Neons won’t lose detail in the shadow like some darker lenses would. They’re also perfect for those gloomy winter mornings. The Neons brighten up the overcast conditions and allow me to locate fish and drive my boat in safety.

Tonic sunglasses are lightweight and feature great clarity. According to Tonic’s Doug Phillips, the lenses are 30 per cent lighter than competing brands with a thickness of only 1.8mm. And being glass, they’re also scratch resistant, which is important for fishos who don’t properly care for their sunnies.

The clarity comes from Tonic’s de-centred VistaView lens, which claims to give distortion-free viewing at any angle. It works well!

The Neon comes in two frame styles – the Rush and The Shimmer. I have the Rush style. It fits well and remains comfortable all day. It fits snuggly and doesn’t allow any glare through the sides.

With the large range of sunglasses available, the Neons are a real point of difference. They are lightweight, have excellent clarity and will open up a lot of missed low light fishing opportunities. With a RRP of $259, the Neon is a premium product, and while they’re not cheap, will become an essential part of your fishing gear. Check them out!


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