Anti-fishing group hacks Fisho marine park poll

FISHING World has confirmed a poll published on the Fisho website was hacked on Friday with 25% of pro-lock-out votes originating from “fraudulent automated posts”.

Further analysis reveal the majority of these fraudulent votes came from overseas cities, predominantly London and the East Coast of the USA.

Google Analytics backed this up showing a sudden spike and duplication of votes on Friday evening.

The online poll asked fishos if they supported the current Sydney Marine Park plan. The poll was simple. It was aimed solely at fishos via our leading rec fishing website and shared across various dedicated fishing social media pages. It was in response to claims made by the Greens that the majority of fishos support a marine park. This poll was not for people who don’t fish.

The results over the first 36 hours were unanimous with 98% of responders voting “No” to the current marine park plan.

As it stands, from the 4651 responses, 75% voted against the marine park lock outs… Still a dubious figure, but a far cry from the 90% support claimed by the Greens and various anti-fishing groups.

Interestingly, a story from the Sydney Morning Herald today claims the NSW Nature Conservation Council conducted a ReachTEL poll finding close to 90% of the 2600 residents polled across four coastal electorates support the marine park. The poll, according to Sydney Marine Park Campaign spokeswoman Sharnie Connell claims: “Most people polled last week in coastal electorates said they wanted at least 10 per cent of the region’s waters designated no-take sanctuary zones.”

Fishing World contacted ReachTEL this morning and was told details of the NCC poll was unavailable. An email to the Nature Conservation Council this morning has not been returned.

So who do you believe? How do we know the Nature Conservation Council even conducted a poll? And what questions were asked to elicit such an unusually high response to a controversial subject?

Given Fishing World‘s own opinion poll was hacked by proponents of the Sydney marine Park, it’s proof anti-fishing groups are participating in dirty tactics to boost their extreme cause and influence decision makers.


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