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FishHunter Pro castable sonar

LOWRANCE’S FishHunter Pro is a portable and castable fishfinder. The unit itself is a spherical, all-in-one transducer ball, about the size of a grapefruit. The idea is that you cast or dangle the unit over the side of your canoe or boat – via a lanyard – and transmit images back to your smartphone. There’s a Lowrance app, which turns your phone into a portable fishfinder and offers many of the same features as a conventional sounder. The app is available for both iPhone and Android platforms.

Why would you need one of these? The FishHunter Pro is a really clever idea; I’ve found it useful in a canoe where attaching a conventional transducer isn’t possible. It’s also a great idea for kayaks or tinnies. Not everyone wants to drill holes in their boat or ‘yak and the FishHunter Pro offers a “plug and play” solution. Nor does everyone need or understand how to work a high-tech sounder; for many fishos, simple depth and fish readings, plus temperature is more than enough. 

Another handy use for the FishHunter Pro is travel. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in a remote location you’ll most likely be fishing from a very basic boat. Often that means no marine electronics. I’ve fished several places around the world where a FishHunter Pro would’ve been worth its weight in gold to explore untouched river and reef systems.

Interestingly, while marine electronics have been the domain of boats, the FishHunter Pro makes a handy addition for shore-based anglers. Now those without boats can understand the underwater terrain, read water temperatures and find fish in the same area where they cast.

Key features

  • The Fish Hunter Pro connects to your smartphone via wi-fi. The device can be used anywhere and doesn’t require phone reception. However, it’s important to download the app before going off the grid. The unit needs about four hours charging via a USB cord.
  • Once you’re ready to fish, simply place the unit in the water or cast it wherever you’re fishing and it will automatically turn on. Then it’s a simple matter of finding the wi-fi signal, opening the app and viewing the images. 
  • You have multiple fishing views, such as fish symbols, or a Raw View for unfiltered sonar.
  • You can also create custom Bathymetric maps by trolling the FishHunter behind your pboat. Pretty cool technology for an affordable handheld product!
  • The unit features an integrated LED light so it’s easy to see during low light. The LED also works as a battery indicator/charging light.
  • Lowrance says the the FishHunter has “Tri-Frequency Coverage”, which supports 381kHz, 475kHz and 675kHz frequencies.
  • The app itself can also log catches, waypoints and allows you to follow your friends or even livestream your catches to other uses.
  • Best of all, the FishHunter Pro retails for under $200! 

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