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Top 5 products from the Sydney International Boat Show

Formosa Marine Bowsprit Ladder


Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? The simplest ideas are often the best and Formosa’s Bowsprit Ladder is one of these great ideas.


Large trailer boats can be tricky and often dangerous to board at the ramp. Queensland boat manufacturer Formosa Marine has come up with this simple ladder system allowing you to board the boat in safety.


While it’s a simple idea, Formosa has spent considerable time ensuring the strength and positioning was correct and that no rattle would occur while driving.


Check out the video below to see the ladder in action.


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Feelfree Overdrive

Feelfree Kayaks unveiled its Overdrive pedal system at this year’s show, a true electric motor/foot pedal hybrid.

The Overdrive fits Feelfree’s Lure 11.5 and 13.5 models and is available as a retrofit (if youhave the sonar pod).

The electric motor engages on the same prop system as the pedals, so no need to carry and extra drive. It all happens in an all in one unit. The electric Motor is a complete optional extra and can be purchased at a later date.

Maximum speed on the pedal drive is about 4 knots, while the Motor drive speed is about 6 knots.

Such a clever idea! We can’t wait to test this out on the water.

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CruiseCraft 595 Outsider Hard Top

A recent addition to the CruiseCraft range is the 595HT Outsider.

Up until recently the 595 was available only in a soft top model, but the popularity of hard tops saw the Queensland-based manufacturer introduce this latest model. The hard top makes this great boat even better and will have appeal in colder climates or those wanting the added protect a hard top offers.

CruiseCraft says this is a fibreglass construction manufactured using a split mould technique. Both the roof and interior lining are smooth and moulded to a mirror finish.

Supporting the aft end of the structure is a pair of robust yet stylish stainless steel supports. These also double as very secure hand holds for the crew while travelling at sea

The HardTop is formed with a full height toughened glass windscreen at the front, with sliding glass side panels on both port and starboard. The sliding glass side screens are very generous in size and allow a heap of fresh air to flow through the cockpit. A single electric wiper on the starboard screen is a standard inclusion along with Polished Lenco auto retract trim tabs and ladder bar.

Other major features of the CruiseCraft Outsider 595 HT model include dual battery management system, hydraulic steering, VHF radio and aerial, full width folding rear lounge and plumbed under-floor rear storage.

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Yamaha Jetfish

PWC fishing is here to stay and Yamaha was displaying its Waverunner Jetfish at this year’s show.

Yammie’s Jetfish features all the usual features you’d expect in a high performance Waverunner, but with a few added fishing-friendly features such as rod holder and a large ice box on teh transom. Add a fishfinder and you’ll have a really effective, and affordable, fishing craft for estuary and inshore waters.

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According to its makers, the Ultraskiff 360 is the original, first and only patented user-friendly, portable design of a round boat.

Ultraskiff figured out a way to design a round skiff with an incline on the deck that positions your feet for optimum balance control and a lower, tighter centre of gravity when sitting, standing up, leaning over, fighting a fish or getting in and out of the boat.

The Ultraskiff 360 also has a patented detachable pedestal mount for easy access through the centre hole for strapping during transport or securely locking it up outside.

It’s an interesting idea and well worth a look!

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