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Review: Wild River Bass 3 – The Journey


FOLLOWING the success of Wild River Bass 1 & 2, well-known fisho and filmmaker, Dave Seaman, is back with Wild River Bass 3.

Available on DVD, Wild River Bass 3 follows Dave and his mates as they spend a season fishing canoes through some of the East Coast’s best wild river bass streams. Dave’s a very experienced fisho, and as expected, they catch loads of bass in this film. But it’s more than just 72 minutes of fish porn. It’s a slowly paced, informative and nicely filmed portrayal of wild river bass fishing. I’ve personally spent many hours chasing bass on the same rivers and Dave really nailed the feeling of this uniquely Australian past-time.

Dave uses action cams to capture some dicey encounters along the river’s rapids; he also uses underwater cameras to show the lures in action. There’s some awesome footage of bass hitting insects and lures and some unique drone footage showing off some of the East Coast’s best bass rivers. Floods are a big part in the lifecycle of bass and the rivers where they live, and Dave’s footage of a drone showing off a wild river in flood was fantastic.

There’s night fishing, encounters with rogue mullet and some really cool time-lapse footage around the campfire. Again, capturing the essence of a canoe trip down a wild river.

It’s also refreshing to see a film that reflects the slow pace of this style of fishing. There’s no unnecessary carrying-on and no gratuitous tackle plugs throughout the film. On that note, there is an additional bonus “Tackle Talk” section where Dave goes through some of the Abu and Berkley used during the film. It’s worthwhile playing this extra segment of you’re new to bass fishing and curious what an experienced angler uses to chase big bass.

Nothing is more uniquely Australian than sitting in a canoe catching wild river bass. It’s great fun and very popular. When you’re not out there catching them yourself, watching Wild River Bass 3 may be the next best thing.

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